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Discovery Developmental Center was founded in 1992 by a Speech and Language Pathologist and a Physical Therapist as a place where children with special needs and developmental delays could receive pre-school programming, full day child care, and early intervention services in an integrated setting with their typically developing peers. Through word of mouth the program grew and developed, eventually outgrowing the leased space it was started in. In August 2005, we moved into a new facility designed and built with young children, families, and staff in mind. We remain committed to the belief that children learn best through play with their peers.

Family programming needs have been varied, ranging from full-time child care for single or dual parent-working families to 2 morning-a-week preschool programming. Historically, about 1/3 of the children enrolled have had some level of special needs. An average of twenty five percent of families served over the years has qualified for child care assistance through the state. This diversified range of family needs sets us apart from organizations developed to serve specific populations or segments of our economy. Discovery promotes full inclusion in pre-school and child care programs with the hopes of fostering an awareness and respect in our children for the unique abilities they find in one another.


Feb 26, 2017
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