Registration & Enrollment

Thank you for your interest in Discovery!

Please refer to our FAQ section below for answers to commonly-asked questions about enrolling in our program:

“Are you currently enrolling?”

It depends on what your child care needs are and if we have any availability in the classroom appropriate for your child’s age. We try to enroll whenever we have openings, although the bulk of our enrollment occurs in April for summer programming and late summer for fall programming.

“If you’re not enrolling, can I get my child on your waiting list?”

We do keep a list of enrollment inquiries, however, it is not necessarily a ‘waitlist’ where children are enrolled in the order in which families called. In general, the more flexibility you have with your child care needs, the easier it is to find a place for your child(ren) in the program. If we have not heard from you within a 3-month period, we will assume you have found other arrangements for childcare.

“I’m expecting… can I get on your waiting list for when our baby is born?”

Congratulations! We know how challenging it is to secure quality childcare, especially before your little one even arrives. Unfortunately, we do not have a license to care for infants. Our minimum age to enroll is 19 months. Give us a call when your little one is closer to that age (no earlier than 16 months) and we’ll see if we can accommodate you!

“What are your scheduling options? Can I drop off my child whenever I need to?”

We offer a variety of scheduling options. Choose from 2-5 days/week, with options for morning-only (9-12:30), school-days (8:30-4) or full days (7:30-5:30). We are not a drop-in child care facility. Due to licensing requirements and our staff-child ratios, we ask families to commit to a childcare schedule so we know how many children to expect on any given day. If your schedule changes once enrolled, we may be able to accommodate that, but please talk with us first before showing up unexpectedly.

“My toddler has a school-age sibling. Can I enroll them for before/after-school care, or summer care?”

We are not equipped to provide before/afterschool care. In the summer, we try to accommodate returning kindergarteners who have come through our program previously, as well as school-age siblings (maximum age of 8) when availability allows. Having a younger child currently enrolled does NOT guarantee your older child a spot for the summer, nor does prior attendance. Our program was built with toddlers and preschoolers in mind and children over age 6 typically don’t find our program all that engaging…

Registration requirements: PLEASE CALL to schedule a tour before showing up. our days are quite busy here, and unexpected “drop-in” tours can be very disruptive to our children and staff. We want to ensure that we have a spot for your child before we start any paperwork or collect a payment. When a placement is available, then we will schedule a tour of the facility. To enroll, we will need a $50 registration fee per child, completed registration form, and a copy of current immunizations (please note that immunization/religious exemptions are NOT allowed for licensed child care centers.)

The second step of the registration process is a 2-week tuition deposit and additional enrollment paperwork. See Tuition Policies for current fees and additional information.

At this time, Discovery does not have an internal tuition assistance program. There is funding available from the state based on income. Information about state Best Beginning Child Care scholarships is available by calling The Nurturing Center  at 406-756-1414. Please note that current DDC tuition fees still apply, which may require additional financial obligations beyond what the state authorizes.