Summer Programs

Summer Programming

Discovery’s programming moves outdoors in the summer, with lots of games, music and movement activities, sensory activities, creative arts, and science activities for all children, in large and small group settings. Three groups of children are planned for, including a 2 year-old group, a 3-4 year old group, and a 5-7 year old group of Pre-K, Kindergarteners and 1st graders.

Discovery’s summer schedule provides for many off-premise field trips and experiences for all age groups. Field trips to Herron Park, Lone Pine State Park, Whitefish City Beach, Somers Beach, and other areas are planned throughout the summer. Field trips are planned around interest levels, weather, and special classroom projects or enrichment themes. A summer activity fee is charged for each child at the beginning of the summer to cover transportation costs, special treats, and parties throughout the summer.